xTrade is a complete module-based product that includes everything needed for A2A , B2B and IoT-integration. xTrade handles everything from queued business processes to synchronous real-time integrations and you can configure advanced processes graphically, without any programming.


xTrade is a stable and reliable platform used for applications in healthcare and defense where critical information must be handled with strictest possible security. But a high level of security is not the only factor that makes more and more companies and organizations choose xTrade as their information hub. Here is a summary of some of the greatest benefits of the technology behind xTrade:

  • Flexible and modular structure and design
  • Quick and cost-efficient integration using graphical tools, without coding
  • Best practices can be applied automatically
  • Old systems can be integrated with new ones, without limits
  • Broad support for both the latest and older standards and protocols
  • High level of reliability and security, proven in numerous mission-critical operations
  • Run in the cloud or on-premise – with market leading capacity and availability
  • Integrated alarm- and monitoring functions for all kind of events, both on system- and integration level

Flexible and modular structure

xTrade’s flexibility allows the platform to meet the demands of different kind of industries and it is easy to configure it for the specific business processes and routines in the organization. You can easily add new applications when needed. The modular structure ensures high availability and that the platform is easy to install and maintain. The system can easily be upgraded as new standards arrive. You can design and configure your own system – optimized for the needs of your business, today and in the future.

Cost reducing

Because the xTrade system is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to manage, the costs for system development and management are low. At the same time, the investment and operating costs for external products are generally avoided completely. Such costs often amounts to more than 50% of the total integration costs. This also results in that training and consultancy costs can be minimized.

Old systems can be integrated with new ones

By acting as a bridge between your old and new systems, xTrade provides an increased transaction volume for the web-based marketplaces of the “new economy”. Connect to suppliers directly, and let your warehouse stay with each supplier.

Older but still functional legacy systems can seamlessly interact with newer applications, enabling an organically expanding IT environment that is part of a bigger digital ecosystem.

Easy to connect to different platforms

Since the applications communicate with xTrade through APIs, rather than through files, you obtain excellent performance and functionality. Communication with external parties is carried out through WAN interfaces, which are the standard protocols used on the Internet. APIs are available for most operating systems and different technologies on the market from mobile devices to ERP-systems.

High level of security

xTrade has been designed for maximum performance and data security. In the event of a major disturbance, e.g. a power failure, xTrade recovers and continues to work from the place where you left it, without loss of or damage to any message.

Alarm function

xTrade includes features to monitor events and through graphically configured rules generate alarms. The recipient can be human via e.g. SMS or  e-mail, or other systems via API:s or files. This makes it easy and effective to monitor both systems and integrations. The Alarm feature has the capability to analyze business processes which makes it possible to monitor individual transactions to check that critical response times are met, for example.

Main functions in xTrade

Communication/Service interface

  • Transport (SSH-FTP, FTP(S), SMTP, OFTP, AS1-4, …)
  • Web Services
  • Queue services (JMS, MQ, …)
  • Middleware for applications (Java, .Net, DCOM, RPC …)


  • Content-based
  • Communication parameter controlled
  • Process controlled

Queue management / Prioritizing / Persistence

  • Sequence ordering/checking on organization- or peer level
  • Only latest (LIFO)
  • Prioritizing

Format transformation

  • Mapping EDIFACT, XML, …
  • Binary format transformation
  • Compiling and splitting


Business logic

  • Graphic description
  • Compiling and creating processes
  • Synchronous and asynchronous processes in cooperation


Configuration management

  • xTrade GUI
  • Replication to/from external systems
  • Generation management


  • Support for common standards for content and communication security
  • Integrated certificate management in the configuration tools
  • No exposure of the host file system, regardless of protocol
  • Configuration changes are automatically versioned and can be rolled back in case of problems

Alarms and monitoring

  • Integrated Alarm server
  • Alarms on process-, message-, communication- and content level
  • Complex rules for monitoring business processes

 Operations and management

  • Integration flows are configured without coding which results in a low risk level and less dependence on individual persons
  • Vital documentation related to the business processes can be stored together with the configuration for easy access.
  • All changes are tracked with controlled deployment and easy roll-back in case of problems

The reason for System Integration

You integrate your systems to make more money, by reducing costs and letting systems communicate more effectively with each other. The xTrade integration platform creates new opportunities and helps you make more money faster.

An investment in our tried and proven integration platform quickly pays off. Among other things, the unique architecture makes it easy to get started, with significantly fewer consulting hours than what is required for most integration products. By fulfilling the business needs on-time instead of engaging in big overdue development projects, ROI will exceed any expectation!

Different from the rest

According to a 2012 market report on integration, by the analytics firm Radar, an average of 87% of companies’ integration costs are due to operations and administration. This makes it virtually impossible to predict costs per year and in total. Often, costs such as external consulting costs make up a large portion, but it can be difficult or impossible to estimate how many hours they will be needed.

With xTrade, the cost allocation looks completely different. The ongoing costs for our platform are low and easy to determine. Configuring xTrade for your business and its systems requires few resources, because it is so simple. In many cases, it can be done by your own staff, as part of their normal work on the enterprise system. If you need outside help, you are of course welcome to contact us or one of our partners.

A foreseeable expense

xTrade is a turnkey and complete solution. This means that you are able to estimate the annual cost of the software itself at the time of making the investment. In addition, the administration and maintenance costs for your integration solution will be significantly lower than what most other suppliers can offer.

Another financial benefit of xTrade is that you don’t need to change any of the company’s existing systems in order to connect to the platform. This is because xTrade supports both modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) for integration and older standards and formats. xTrade gives you access to the true potential of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution, without extensive interference with the surrounding environment.


Companies from a broad range of industries have chosen xTrade as an integrating hub for their business.

Health care

Many health care organizations are faced with the same problem – their IT environment consists of several different types of information system, each of them dedicated to one particular task. When the systems are unable to talk to each other, the result is both complicated and time-consuming.

xTrade makes the exchange of information much more effective, by tying the internal systems together with laboratories, pharmacies, consultants and other service providers. This frees up time for the personnel, which they can then spend on their patients.

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By allowing xTrade to integrate all systems, from cash registers in the department store to communcation with suppliers and warehousing, retail companies achieve better control of their operations. Any price changes, information on goods in stock, orders and goods reception can be updated in real time, and the user can see the complete stock situation in each store and warehouse, down to the most detailed level.

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Value Added Network (VAN)

A private network provider offering a VAN service effectively sells a connection to an information exchange and through the exchange you get access to other companies and organizations. For many years, xTrade has been the first choice for many large VAN operators in Sweden.

With xTrade it is easy to connect all kind of system and information types. The flexibility of the platform allows the operator to keep and reuse previously developed services, while at the same time making it easy to create new ones. The platform is able to handle large message volumes, while ensuring a high level of security, which are both key factors in a successful VAN service.

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In order to stay competitive the logistics companies must handle a constantly increasing flow of information. With a solid platform like xTrade the customer’s high expectations of instantly updated information can be fulfilled while vital resources are freed to win new business and integrate more customers.
xTrade ties together local offices, streamlines processes and enables information to be shared to all parties regardless of format.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is pioneering in using agility in adaption to the market as a competitive advantage. Complete system integration with your customers is in many cases a requirement to act as a supplier in this industry.

xTrade lets companies in the industry cut their costs for development and management of critical business processes and at the same time be more competitive by adding an agile ability to respond to the shifting demands from their business partners.

The external communication in xTrade includes all industry standards and ensures compatibility with other systems used by the automotive industry.


The telecommunication sector is highly competitive and new services must be introduced where a flexible integration between systems and customers is key to success. xTrade meets the high demands on availability and scalability which is typical for this industry.

Military sector

The foundation of an effective defense system is a flexible, uninterrupted and reliable flow of information between modules. These modules can consist of for example a single soldier, a supply unit or an administrative service somewhere. They all depend on timely and correct information. For this reason, the Swedish Armed Forces use xTrade.

Both secret and public information and all types of electronic messages are exchanged through the platform. By using xTrade, the Swedish Armed Forces have achieved better transparency in their own operations, thereby increasing efficiency.

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To ensure 24/7 business operations, stable and reliable integration solutions are needed

xTrade is a flexible platform offering a robust architecture, designed for the best possible data security. The system is advanced yet easy to use, and currently handles large and business critical information exchanges in both civilian and military enterprises.


Operational and functional security

The fact that xTrade is a complete platform means that there are no hand-over between products or adapters within an integration flow. Most other solutions rely on coding to define an integration flow and that introduces a big and hard-to-manage risk of errors and security problems since changes in one flow inadvertently affect others. In xTrade all configurations are made using graphical tools without any coding. An integration flow can be updated without the risk of affecting other flows.

The configuration model also has substantial advantages in terms of ability to track all changes made and the lack of code makes it easy for different roles of the organization to follow and understand what is happening. At any time, even during configuration, every action is tracked and can be audited.

As an integration platform, xTrade provides unmatched delivery security and its reliability is proven in numerous critical applications. In the event of a power failure, for example, xTrade recovers and continues to work from the place where you left it, without loss of or damage to any message.

Meets military requirements

xTrade can handle large volumes of security-critical information and has received the Swedish Armed Forces Security Accreditation which means that it meets the requirements for data security and stability  for use in both defense and business applications.

Meets health care requirements

xTrade is used in health care applications for life-critical integration of, for example, medical records, laboratories and medical equipment. In these applications the requirements are very high on not only stability and reliability, but also on data security.

xTrade security

  • Support for all common standards for information and transport security
  • Custom content protection is supported
  • Integrated certificate management in the configuration tools
  • Built-in user management completely isolated from the operating system
  • No exposure of the host file system regardless of protocol
  • All traffic is logged in detail
  • All configuration changes are logged
  • Configuration changes are automatically versioned and can be rolled-back in case of problems
  • Meets the requirements in SOX on role separation

VAN Clearinghouse Service

With xTrade, operators who make money exchanging transformed data between their customers get a complete and ready-to-run technical platform. The operator’s CRM , logging and monitoring systems are connected to xTrade and can be fully integrated, making xTrade the technical foundation for the functions and offers of the service.

A number of big and small VAN operators and telecom operators use xTrade for their offerings.


Business Partner

To be a business partner with xTrade means to use the product as a component in your own business. xTrade can be an OEM component in a larger product solution or work together with other products to be resold as a larger, more complex delivery.

Many of our partners simply resell the product as part of their consulting services. There is a good market for this, with less competition from other suppliers. The main reason for this is that with xTrade, it is possible to fulfill the customer’s requirements in short time.



An unique advantage with xTrade is how simple it is to move advanced configurations between different physical platforms and localizations. Regardless if you want to use on-premise servers for the integration hub or use the cloud for all or parts of the functionality – the solution can be built using xTrade.


ERP System

Connecting an ERP system to handle invoicing, orders and logistics is a common use of xTrade. xTrade handles all external B2B and can also act as an ESB and handle internal A2A.

xTrade contains all those types of communications and formats that your business partners may use, and you will never need to buy adapters or other external products. Everything is included at a fixed price, independent of your desired use and volume.



xTrade is used as a transaction engine and information exchange in mobile applications. Connection to other data sources, logistics suppliers or payment providers is quick and has never been easier. Build the app and configure xTrade to handle the connections to the external services the app needs.


xTrade is used as a transaction engine and information exchange in web applications in the most rapidly changing areas. Connection to government services, logistics suppliers and payment providers has never been easier or more straightforward. Build the web application and configure xTrade to handle the process of connecting to both internal systems and B2B partners.



xTrade is used as a transaction engine and information exchange for internet marketplaces.  Connection to any kind of services like customs, logistics suppliers and payment brokers is easy and straightforward. With xTrade the process is simplified and you can focus on expanding your market place with new customers and services.


EDI / All formats, Applications, Most Protocols

One of the problems with classic EDI is the many standards in use and their different interpretations. xTrade is used by operators whose business is to connect different companies and thus handle the whole range of standards and interpretations. One of the operator’s main reason for choosing xTrade is the platform’s ability to handle all standards for information format, security and communications.

xTrade can handle both European and American standards, as well as the big legacy of old B2B standards in use in Europe and Asia.