A product that allows applications and systems, both internal and external, to cooperate as one  – regardless of generation, technology or vendor.


 Xware AB is a company you can trust. We develop and market a stable, high-tech integration platform that functions as a technological hub, for both military and civilian applications.

Our product, xTrade, is used to connect customers, suppliers and partners in a transparent and easy-to-use hub. We have customers in many sectors, particularly trade, logistics, IT, defense and health.

Since its establishment in 1991, Xware AB has worked on software development, with a focus on data security, computer communications and system integration.

How we got here

In 1994 we were awarded, in tough competition with other software developers, a contract by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration for delivery of a message-based communications platform for integration of both tactical and administrative systems. The system was the first generation of the platform that would later be called xTrade.

In 1996, the Swedish Armed Forces, Försvarsmakten, procured a new system, this one with WAN communication over TCP/IP protocol. Again, the project was awarded to Xware.

xTrade’s 15 year anniversary

In 1999, a completely new generation of xTrade was launched. By now, the platform had become a complete solution, with a very high level of functionality, performance and reliability, adapted to VAN operators. One of our first customers was WM data (now CGI), who needed to upgrade their message relay systems.

The xTrade technology quickly became established in the market and was adopted early, in the health and other sectors and in e-business solutions for the paper industry.

Since the release of the first version, many organizations and enterprises have chosen to integrate their operations with xTrade. The product is still being developed and has now become a platform containing all the functions needed to ensure quick, secure and reliable connections between all sorts of systems.

Our platform is different from others. To your advantage!

Our values and what we stand for

Our values permeate our company, our product and our way of working. To us, these values are more than just words; they guide our day-to-day decisions, how we do business and how we cooperate among ourselves and with others.

Forceful and committed

We are committed and positive. We dare to take the lead and forge the road ahead. We are attentive and open, and we are highly committed to our products, customers and colleagues.

We are creative and never scared of change. We contribute to our customers’ success by adapting to their requirements and consistently offering new and innovative solutions.

Value creation

We are convinced that everything can be changed and improved, and we never give up until we have created tangible value for our customers, such as lower costs or more effective working methods.

Everything we create should be easy to understand and use. We are practical and realistic. We always strive to make life easier for our customers. The cost of our products and services should never be a surprise, but always communicated beforehand.

Trustworthy and independent

We strive to be a good partner. Doing business with us should be easy, and we value nothing more than our customers’ loyalty.

We are honest, we keep our word and we have nothing to hide. Our products are safe and reliable. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience. We are experts in our field, and we take a long-term perspective for our business.

Our technological know-how and independent position gives us the freedom to use the best technology in every situation, in order to always obtain the best possible functionality and results.



Jonas Ericsson, CEO and CTO

Born 1966, employed since 1992.

Work experience:

Formerly a Captain in the Armed Forces. Extensive experience with operating systems, hardware programming and object-oriented design, as well as programming within the fields of communication, data security and mission critical guidance systems.


Electrical engineering, from the Lund Institue of Technology.


Anders Lyckosköld, Sales Manager

Born 1961, employed since 1991.

Work experience:

Formerly an Army Engineer in the Armed Forces. Extensive experience with operating systems, programming languages, hardware and advanced system design within the fields of communication, mission critical guidance systems, IT security and information sharing systems.


Army engineering education in machinery, vehicles, computers and telecommunications engineering. M.Sc. in electrical engineering, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


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