xTrade 4.10 Highlights

Some of the features in the new release:

New SMTP module
The new SMTP module adds several new functions and is much more flexible compared to the previous module.
Examples of new features:

  • The EDIINT AS1 standard for secure messaging is now supported
  • The IMAP protocol can be used for incoming messages
  • SSL/TLS is available for all connections and protocol types
  • Multiple mail servers can be configured and used in parallel

Improved GUI for editing schedules
The editor used to configure schedules for node connections, buffer releases and alarm server rules has been improved to be more intuitive and easy-to-use.

Update of System APIs
The programming interfaces for implementing Web Services and Processing Components have been updated to allow more control of the message attributes.

FTP-client support for Client Certificates
FTP-client can now present client certificates when connecting to a FTP-server using SSL/TLS.

xTrade Support Tool
The xTrade Support Tool is a new application that with a simple mouse-click can collect and send all the relevant logs and other information from an installed system to the support team for further troubleshooting.

More information

Contact Xware for more information, sales@xware.se